Project Description: Completion of Masters degree with focus on leadership

SWOT Analysis

Strengths Weaknesses
  • I have acquired excellent foundational and pharmacy-focused leadership training
  • I have some natural leadership ability
  • I am motivated and energetic
  • ‘S’ profile, according to DiSC workplace profiling activity
    • Even-tempered
    • Accomodating
    • Patient
    • Humble
    • Tactful
  • Personal mission and vision as developed in Course 1 Module 2 journal entry
  • Purpose to impact statement as developed in Course 1 Module 6 journal entry (to protect the confidentiality of others, this is stored locally in my PLA files )
  • Tendency to take on too much (i.e., over-committed)
  • ‘S’ profile, according to DiSC workplace profiling activity
    • Overly accommodating
    • Indecisiveness
Opportunities Threats
  • Bridging/credit programs available through multiple universities/colleges in the US that have partnered with the PLA
  • Resources such as the ‘Understanding how you react to the ‘C’ style
  • Financial support programs: the Wellspring Award; Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan (my union) education fund; RQHR Dolly Flemming education fund
  • Supporting family that gives me strength and energy
  • Supportive Director (Kelly)
  • Mentor (Kelly)
  • Supportive boss (Jennifer)
  • Large organization, yet small enough feel that I will be able to meet and discuss my leadership plan with the CEO
  • Budget constraints which will limit financial support
  • An under-resourced Pharmacy team that relies on my 100% output
  • An under-resourced Clinical Support Team that relies on my 100% output
  • Growing family that elicits much of my strength and energy (and I gladly give it)

Action Plan

For the purposes of structuring this plan, I am going to borrow a tool from the ADAPT program.  I am a moderator and moderator coach for ADAPT, and as such am very well versed in the development and evaluation of ADAPT Action Plans. I’ve incorporated ADAPT Action Plans into other aspects of my life, and the tool has proven to be quite… adaptable. Though typically filled out in table format, I will complete each of the sections here

ADAPT (in the context of Action Plans) stands for Action, Detail, Assistance, Planning, and Tracking.


What aspect of my practice do I wish to change? What is my goal? Why is my goal achievable?

I wish to progress along my leadership journey by taking the next level of training required to best position myself to become a formal (big ‘L’) leader. My goal is to complete my Masters degree in leadership. This goal is achievable because of the strengths and opportunities identified in the SWOT analysis above, as well as the skills and tools I now have to overcome the barriers created by my weaknesses and the external threats.


What steps do I need to do to make these changes?

Structured in the format outlined by the ‘Getting Results’ text (Longenecker)

  • Getting Everyone on the Same Page: Focus on the Purpose of Your Organization
    • Discuss plan with my wife and family
    • Discuss plan with my mentor
  • Preparing for Battle: Equip Your Operation with Tools, Talent, and Technology
    • Apply to various schools with attractive programs
    • Apply for financial support
    • Resign from other commitments that will consume time and energy (i.e., focus)
  • Stoke the Fire of Performance: Creating a Climate for Results
    • Create a sleep, eat, and fitness plan that maximized my energy levels
    • Mentor other inspiring leaders to keep me motivated in my leadership journey
  • Build Bridges on the Road to Results: Nurture Relationships With People
    • Meet with various leaders through the organization: e.g., CEO, CFO, Vice President, Managers, Clinical Leaders
  • Keep the Piano in Tune: Practice Continual Renewal
    • Once accepted, create a work plan that will allow for a reasonable work-life balance, which will position me well for successful completion of the program (i.e., Keeping the Piano In Tune)


Who can help me? A mentor? A colleague? What resources do I already have access to? What resources do I need access to?

  • My mentor and director, Kelly: he has 30+ years of experience in leadership, in institutions large and small, in rural and urban settings, and in multiple geographical jurisdictions; he can provide me with the advice I need as to whether or not this will be a fruitful venture
  • Dawn (Vice President of Clinical Support): Dawn is a former pharmacist who went on to become an administrator and amazing leader with the health region
  • PLA-identified resources: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Covey), Getting Results (Longenecker), How Did That Happen (Connors), Lifehacker: The Guide to Working Smart
  • Financial Resources:
    Expense Item Purpose Funds Required
    Tuition $565 USD / credit hour x 32 credit hours x USD to CAD exchange rate (June 9, 2016 = 1.27) $22961.60
    Text books Estimated at $1400 USD x USD to CAD exchange rate $1778.00
    Graduation fee $150 x USD to CAD exchange rate $190.50
    TOTAL $24930.10


When will I begin each of these steps? When will I have my tasks accomplished?

Masters Training: I need to complete the training sooner than later. I have 3 young kids who are about to enter school, and sports, and other extra curricular activities. If I don’t complete this now, I’m afraid it could be a decade or 2 before I can. I have already discussed this with the above noted stakeholders (my family, my mentor), and I’ve already applied to one school (New England College), with another application in progress (University of Cincinnati). Additionally, I’ve been investigated all noted funding sources (see SWOT ‘opportunities’) and have applied for the Wellspring Award. I will plan to have the course done within 3 years.

Focusing: I have approximately 10 extra curricular activities, thus I will need resign from one extra curricular activity per quarter in order to be streamlined by the end of the 3-year training period

Meeting with Leaders: This will occur during my 3-year training period; I have asked my mentor/director to set up the first meeting with the CEO, whom I will ask for advice on who else to meet with


What does success look like so I know I have achieved my goal? How will I measure success and when will I measure it?

The two main tracking methods I will use are:

  • Time Mangement as a Tool for Great Leadership
    • I’m choosing this tool because time management will obviously be critical for me to do this training program while working full time and raising a family
    • I will measure this twice annually – once in the new year, and once in the late spring/early summer (just before taking a break for the summer)
    • My baseline score is 43
    • My goal is 60 (top marks)
  • Lateral Leadership Assessment (stored locally in PLA files)
    • I am choosing this tool because I am most excited about lateral leadership; personally, I want nothing to do with position or power – I am focused entirely on serving others and motivating others to reach important goals; lateral leadership opportunities are all around me
    • I will measure this annually – once in the new year
    • My baseline score is 34
    • My goal is 50 (top marks)

I will report my progress on the blog.