Course 7 – Leading for Organizational Success

In the final PLA course, we’ve been working on tying it all together. We started out talking about an enterprise, and here we are again talking about the organization at large. Along with this discussion, we’re visiting some resource that, too, try to tie it all together. For example, the Longenecker text and Connors and Smith text, both which propose models for getting results (personally and for a team) and holding people accountable to get them (yourself and others).

This module has been helpful in forcing me to more actively implement my learnings from the last year. For example, I now recognize that I there is a leadership dispersion concern that needs to be addressed, and I have a plan to address it. Also, through discussions on focus, I revisited my ‘yes addiction’, reflected on how I’ve been overcoming it, and made a plan to stay on top of it. Lastly, by shedding the light on wicked problems, I’m reminded that we can’t solve all of the world’s problems, but we also can’t give up hope. We have the Longenecker 5 absolutes to make to most of these situations.

The journal exercise in which I created a plan for implementing the competency assessment is also one that I will be actively undertaking in the coming weeks. I know I would not have been so deliberate and mindful of this endeavour if not for the PLA course to force my hand. Again, another reason to be thankful.

Memorable Resources: Getting People to Work Together Assessment

 Course 7 – Leading for Organizational Success

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