Course 6 – Strategic Clinical Leadership

In module 6, the veil was lifted off of something that I think we all knew was there, but hadn’t really put a name/label to it. I’m talking of course about clinical leadership, which is really a summation of many of the concepts we had already considered:

  • How do we influence people? By including them (ie, clinicians) in the decision-making, and by using them (ie, clinicians) as leaders or change agents
  • How do we ensure reliable care is provided? By engaging clinicians who are on the front lines of care and can provide critical insight into the issues
  • How do we make transformative change? Well, I think it now goes without saying that we can’t do it without clinician leadership

The discussion boards were full of success stories about maintaining credibility despite taking on leadership positions. This is encouraging because I optimistically believe it’s achievable, whereas I sense that is not a universal optimism and is likely a cause for the leadership “shortage” we are facing as a profession.

The journal entries were excellent for forcing me to think harder about who is responsible to lead – it’s not me, it’s not any one individual, it’s everyone. I enjoyed the opportunity to share my rationale as to why to future or pharmacy is in all of our hands.

 Course 6 – Strategic Clinical Leadership

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