Course 5 – Leading for Transformational Change and Innovation

For me, this module was worth 10x the price of admission. This was the most exciting and interesting module – it so splendidly covered all of the aspects that pique my curiousity: how to make big changes happen, so that those involved want to do it (ie, it’s painless), and the outcomes are what we¬†had intended.

Thriving through changes, cultural intelligence, learning from failure – all of these readings and concepts were extremely relevant for the discussions, posts, and journal entries. We got a chance to exercise our creative sides, to challenge the status quo, to share some of our darkest failed attempts, and to discuss some dysfunctional teams. The two stand out concepts for me now seem like common sense (how could I have not thought like this before?): transactional vs transformational leadership, and lateral leadership. In the case of the former, I spend many days contemplating all the leadership connections, up-down, left-right, forward-back, and how we should never underestimate our ability or responsibility to lead.

This module also challenged me in several new ways:

  1. It was my first chance to lead the case assignment, which undoubtedly was a learning experience
  2. With my first attempt at leading the case assignemnt, I was confronted with my first real situation in which I had to deal with a management-type personel issue; this was very rewarding and I’m very thankful for the PLA facilitators for all of their guidance

Memorable Resources: Christensen video

 Course 5 – Leading for Transformational Change and Innovation

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