Course 4 – Leading Effective Financial Management

It was this module that I was most nervous – not because I didn’t want to do it, but because I didn’t know if I’d have business acumen to maintain interest. The thought of making profit, to me, is not appealing. I was pleasantly surprised, not only at the complimentary material that came alongside the financial learning, but the fact that the focus was NOT about making a profit… instead it was about sustainability and growth.

The most useful paper in this course was the Eberts et al paper on ‘Building your finical IQ’ . That said, it was plush with other great readings such as the paper on recruiting a financial manager – a concept I had not given much thought to before, but I’m certainly convinced there’s a case to be made.

The discussion board posts were also very fulfilling – forcing one to think about their own personal impact on the budget (not just the impact that the larger team has). This impact can be positive or negative, but regardless, it can be improved. I also liked the opportunity to dig into the ASHP PPMI paper, which I had heard of but not read. Papers such as the PPMI are so critical because very seldom do we take the time as a profession to connect with folks far and wide to ensure we are all working toward the same goals.

In the end, I feel more confident in my understanding of finances, specifically those here in my workplace, and I’m inspired to create organizational awareness in both ways.

 Course 4 – Leading Effective Financial Management

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