Course 2 – Leadership Influence

In the second course, the scope began to narrow – from looking at the entire pharmacy enterprise in the first course, to now focusing on the smaller aspect of influence. Not to say that influence isn’t a big topic unto itself, but that some of the day-to-day skill acquisition was becoming more feasible. Such as the first discussion board exercise that allowed us┬áto develop a plan for several different leadership skills. I took the opportunity to write about improving my delegation skills. It was great to go back and read this post again, especially after taking course 7, where I learned a heck of a lot more about accountability, setting expectations, and managing unmet expectations from the┬áConnors and Smith text (but we’ll get to that later). Interestingly, my plan was fairly sound, but it was apparent that I was somewhat “winging it” when it came to developing a plan.

A fairly significant undertaking was the DiSC style assessment. It was here that I discovered I was an ‘S’, and everything that came along with it from describing myself, my priorities, and my motivations, to learning what my stressors are, and to learning how to interact and communicate with other styles.

As important as this DiSC assessment was, nothing was more profound for me in this course (and perhaps all of PLA) as the readings, discussion, and self-reflection on resilience. I had long followed and promoted the mantra “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” – and boy, was I wrong. Resilience is absolutely impinging upon taking a break – a chance for renewal. The realization that I was wrong about this, which followed immediately after module 1 where I shared an unattainable vision for myself, was not unlike being hit by a brick wall. It started me on my recovery from ‘yes addiction’, something I am still battling but winning.

Memorable Resources: Steven Covey’s ‘Habits of Highly Effective People’

 Course 2 – Leadership Influence

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