Course 1 – Leading the Pharmacy Enterprise

In this first course, my entire pharmacy worldview was shifted. Never before have I so strongly believed that pharmacy is a business – that’s not a bad thing, especially when I qualify the statement by saying that we are in the business of delivering improved patient outcomes.

In the past, during casual observation and conversation, I’d sometimes compare the public health care system here to private industries – I’d be amazed at the sheer amount and magnitude of inefficiencies I could see all around me that I just didn’t think would fly in the private sector. These were by no means restricted to the pharmacy department, instead ran through the entire health care system. That said, it wasn’t until PLA and being introduced at a deeper level to the word “enterprise” that I realized that these health care activities weren’t just analogous to business practices, but these were in fact business practices themselves… and they were business practices in need of improvement.

In this course I shared with the larger group my experiences with relationships external to pharmacy, culture, branding, influence/advocacy, and strategy. By far the number one take away from this course was the difference between buy-in and ownership, which we discussed in module 2. I don’t get hung up on the semantics of buy-in vs ownership, as I find a lot of people still use the term buy-in; but I now know it is not necessarily buy-in that they’re interested in, instead, it is ownership. I think about this daily.

In the journal entries, I shared with the facilitators my experiences with customer expectations, my personal mission and vision statement, and understanding my own purpose. These exercises were my first glimpses into the self-reflection that was to come and to ultimately serve as the transformation vehicle for myself.

Memorable Resources: Organizational Culture Assessment

 Course 1 – Leading the Pharmacy Enterprise

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