Thinking Back…

Reflections on my year in PLA

When I think back on my year in PLA, my recollections are overwhelmed with feelings of gratefulness. Sure, there were a moments of confusion, or stress, or frustration, but they are pale in comparison to all the great moments. What I am most grateful for is 3-fold:

  1. The opportunity for self-reflection: Be it discussion board posts or journal entries, there were more than a few dozen “ah-ha” moments throughout the year. All of my problems may not be “solved” yet, but I know myself far better now than I did a year ago.
  2. The push: Not that the faculty ever ruled with an iron fist, but the push from them, the instructions, the positive peer-pressure (i.e., motivation), was what I really needed. I knew about leadership, I knew that I wanted to pursue it, and I knew where to learn more, but I needed the impetus that this course provided to take action on it. Otherwise, it would have just become another one of my projects on the ever-growing to-do list.
  3. The resources: From “what to do” guides, to “what not to do” guides, this course was ripe. And I use the term ‘guides’ loosely in that there were readings, discussion board posts with others sharing their experiences, webinars with extremely qualified and experienced facilitators, and more.

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Thinking Ahead…

Sustaining and building upon the PLA learnings

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